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The called procedure then generates a result set that can be accessed in the same way as any other result set.


The called procedure does not return a result set. It may return data if at least one of the procedure arguments has been defined as an output parameter into which values can be placed.

HOW TO: Create an ODBC connection to the Firebird database

Unless the driver does this, applications that call SQLFetch following an executable procedure call can cause the InterBase server process to fail. Who is Participating? Solutions Learn More Through Courses.

They have some DLL that needs to be copyed into the system directory and registered. Experts Exchange.


Log In. Using Powerbuilder 7. Unless the driver does this, applications that call SQLFetch following an executable procedure call can cause the InterBase server process to fail. Given the SQL statement.

IBProvider, Firebird, Interbase sql

InterBase treats quotes in this way when using Dialect 3, but double and single quotes are treated the same manner when using Dialect 1 or Dialect 2, so that the expression. This can cause problems with applications that use quotes around column and table names, xtg systems interbase odbc even though the Easysoft ODBC-InterBase Driver is queried as to the character to use for quoted identifiers, at least one application Microsoft Access fails if the application is instructed not to use any character for this purpose. Select your media preference. Log In. Sign Up.

ODBC Driver for InterBase

Registrado : Registrado: Has probado con el driver. Microsoft Access only operates in this way, if the field in question is in the primary key of the table, and the symptoms of this are the table opens, but displays deleted for all the fields. This option allows the driver xtg systems interbase odbc be configured to use the conversion that Microsoft Access expects. It should be remembered that this is enabling non-standard driver behavior, so this may cause problems with other application.


If this is the case, create a separate DSN with this option set for use only xtg systems interbase odbc Access. However I tried to start Syslog2odbc in console mode. Voiala, it worked. That also worked with console mode, but not as a service. The only difference I can see is in the security-context: in console mode you puts S2O in an Administrator security-context or the sec.

This server component uses the standard GDS interface library to communicate with the InterBase server. It would be possible, to create a type 4 JDBC driver for InterBase, it would require as a first step, the reverse engineering of the xtg systems interbase odbc network protocol provided by GDS, but implemented solely in Java using standard Java networking support.

  • Free Download XTG Systems InterBase ODBC driver
  • Free Download XTG Systems InterBase ODBC driver
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xtg systems interbase odbc There is another issue when considering development using JDBC. Java programs may be run in two methods, first as a stand-alone application. In this mode the executing program can perform any network operation it needs, connecting and disconnecting as required to any remote network server.

The other mode of operation is as xtg systems interbase odbc is known as a "Applet", this is when the Java application is downloaded from a web server, and is running within a users browser. In this mode for security reasons, the applet may only make network connections to the server that "served" the java applet. This means that the InterServer process must be running on the same machine as the web xtg systems interbase odbc. Summary We have seen that the options available to the developer whishing to create applications using the power and convenience of InterBase, are many. The nature of the software world means that through the continual process of innovation, the number of methods available will only continue to increase. They have some DLL that needs to be copyed into the system directory and registered.

Anyhow, i get the following error messages. Does anyone know what is behind them. I have verified that the database is working fine and the user have the correct credentials.

I have not verified that the ODBC driver still works. You can read more about our use of cookies in our Cookies Policy.

Visit our Support page to get instant support from experienced professionals, fast and detailed responses, user engagement and interaction, frequent builds with bug xtg systems interbase odbc, and much more. Select your media preference.XTG Data Modeller, size: MB.

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UPGRADE from to InterBase 6 ODBC Driver,size: 70 kB. UnZIP it and read. Free Download XTG Systems InterBase ODBC driver.

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