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When the slave shuts down as ordered by the master, the init process sees it as mythtv radeon mythtv-backend dies and respawns mythtv radeon. If your setup is sufficiently fast, the newly spawned backend connects to the master yelling "I'm back", and then gets killed by the init system.


Update: I first used this procedure to get the above ubuntu system working, it mythtv radeon running xorg 7. I've just tried duplicating it with a on a knoppmyth box running xfree86 and fglrx 8.

ATI Proprietary Driver - MythTV Official Wiki

That seems to fix a lot of problems I was having with booting. Also had to upgrade the bios version to 5. mythtv radeon

Will probably give a switch to the new system sometimes later this week. In addition to standard graphics cards mythtv radeon external scan converters, a third option exists- hardware decoder cards. These devices are very popular among MythTV users, as they can substantially lower the processing requirements for mythtv radeon playback.

AMD Ryzen 3 G - MythTV Official Community Forum

Due to their popularity, and the fact that mythtv radeon cards are almost all known to work, this section will simply provide a place to link to other wiki pages mythtv radeon information about these cards. This is an open source driver included in Ubuntu 7. Ubuntu uses a 2. Same with RH7. Support started with version Bugs are fixed with every new release. I did this through my BIOS.


It contains open source and closed mythtv radeon code. It can be downloaded at the AMD website. Unfortunately I was using X.

If in doubt, do not buy any hardware! Nvidia GeForce 6-Series.

However, this may negatively effect other cards. However, as a workaround I attempted to enable the "forceyv12" playback filter, but this does not seem to have had mythtv radeon effect.


They were identified by using git-bisect mythtv radeon the 1. I'm not sure. I've not been able to revert "just" that patch to make things work as of yet.

I think we need to better understand why it's causing problems to mythtv radeon up with a sane solution. Sadly I can't really help out much with this, as I'm not au fait with the Myth or Xorg code. Asterisk is more my area! OK, mythtv radeon here's a patch reverting the series of 3 commits that caused the set of problems.

I'm not sure that it's the proper solution to revert these 3 commits though, mythtv radeon I'll defer that to the X maintainer in Ubuntu. If it's not the proper solution, we'll have to work something else out.


I still don't have a root understanding of why these commits are causing the failures however. Are there any other QT based apps having issues on Xorg that you are aware of? I've had a look and can't see any, which makes me think it might be in Myth. If Myth was coded 'around' a known issue, now that known issue's been corrected it would suggest that the Myth-Hack is at fault? I'm not sure if there are any mythtv radeon QT based apps having similar issues. I seem to doubt it's the fact that myth was coded a particular way to avoid an issue as it explicitly is happening at mythtv radeon QT show calls. It's probably that myth's usage of the QT widgets is a bit different than other applications and uncovering a problem in that fashion.


mythtv radeon The video it was capable of decoding was usable on even midrange Pentium 3s. Support for this was dropped from MythTV 0.The AMD Proprietary Linux driver, or fglrx is the Linux display driver used for AMD Radeon and FireGL family video adapters. It contains open. Radeon HD (Wrestler),mb, MESA stock ubuntu version, Temporal 2x HW,HDHomeRun (i+p ATSC).

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