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The screen offers a very decent response time, limited RTC arefacts, minimal input lag and even comes with a new Hz support mode. Take all samsung 2233rz these into account, and you have yourself one hell of samsung 2233rz gamers TFT!


The Hz undoubtedly has its place in the desktop monitor market, and should samsung 2233rz one giant step towards pleasing those hard core gamers out there who need and want frame rates which just couldn't be offered before. The technology has a marked improvement in even day to day use, but when gaming will certainly come into its own. On top of this, the TN Film panel does offer a decent black depth and colour reproduction, but is only really limited by its poor viewing angles.


The screen is fairly standard in design and features, but could be considered a pure gaming screen without too many bells and whistles. Samsung 2233rz will be exciting to see the inclusion of Hz on more and more screens in the future, and we look forward to the emergence of Hz samsung 2233rz IPS and VA panels, and the inclusion in high end screens across the market.

Pros Cons Excellent response time and very minimal RTC artefacts Limited functionality and connectivity Hz technology offering true fps for heavy gaming Poor viewing angles due to panel technology Good black depth and colour reproduction Panel uniformity is not perfect. Buying Support. TFT Selector. Specifications Explained. Terms and Functions. Frequently Asked Samsung 2233rz. Audio InOut. Energy Save. Here you have options for brightness and contrast in addition to OSD menu options for setting its duration on screen when idle up to seconds.

Choosing each preset appropriately adjusts the brightness of the display; however, the movie presets seems to change the color temperature to have a redder push than the other presets that look bluer. This, however, was not detrimental to the image. The ViewSonic includes no OSD menu and only has button controls for brightness and volume controls for its built in speakers. The black trailing behind the moving samsung 2233rz was gone, and any sign of noticeable RTC artefacts had disappeared. If you looked very closely, you could sometimes detect a very slight dark trail in some circumstances, but as you can see from our 'best case' image, the results were signifacantly improved.

Samsung SyncMaster RZ Review Digital Trends

samsung 2233rz It's important to realise a few things here in relation to Hz mode. Firstly, the extra 60Hz does not alter the response time of the panel, since the operation of the pixels and their electronics remains unchanged.


The samsung 2233rz G2G response time quoted by the manufacturer remains the same, regardless of which mode you are in, but is still very respectable in term of pixel response times. The thing which many hard core gamers craved from an LCD screen was the ability to increase the refresh rate of the screen, that being the refresh rate and frame rate which the graphics card outputs to the screen. The refresh rate of your graphics card determines the rate at which the image is sent to the screen, and determines the number of frames which can be sent to the display at any one time.


You will recall from the early days of CRT screens that setting a particular refresh rate on your graphics card would cause the image to be redrawn in a sweeping motion by the cathode ray gun across the display. Setting the screen to 60Hz caused the ray gun to re-draw the image 60 times a second, which is commonly referred to samsung 2233rz the frame rate.

In pratice setting a frequency of 60Hz on a CRT would lead to a flickering of the screen and often to user headaches. Settings of Hz or more were desirable as better screens samsung 2233rz available, and it became one of the key considerations for choosing a good display. This was even more important to gamers, who wanted the possibility of sending larger and larger frame rates to their screen to improve their gaming experience and hone their skills in situations where a few hundredths of a second counted. With the arrival of main stream TFT displays, we saw a change in how refresh rate was perceived samsung 2233rz desktop displays.

Samsung RZ Review - TFT Central

This makes it the reference point in terms of screens in these two domains and gets it a 5-star rating from us. Each display's screen forgoes glossy, in favor of a matte finish.Samsung SyncMaster RZ - 3D LCD monitor - 22" overview and samsung 2233rz product specs on CNET. The Samsung RZ comes in samsung 2233rz all piano black, glossy finish. The bezel is modest at around 2cm with a slight curve to the top edge and a.

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