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Samples of these screens are shown in Diagnostic Video Tests. If you are testing an external monitor, change the limit latitude cp m233xt Yes. Keyboard Test Group The subtests in the Keyboard test group verify the correct operation of your keyboard and the keyboard controller chip. Why Run a Keyboard Test? Keyboard problems are not always caused by the keyboard.

For example, a complete lockup of the computer, rendering the keyboard inoperable, is probably not caused by a problem with the keyboard. There are two symptoms that are likely to be keyboard-related. Sometimes, the configuration of a program changes the function of a key or key combination. Similarly, key configuration programs like ProKey can latitude cp m233xt a key's function.


Because these programs are memory resident, be sure to clear them out of the latitude cp m233xt memory before running a subtest in the Keyboard test group. Clear them from memory by booting the computer from the Dell Diagnostics Diskette. Run the Stuck Key Test.

When you press a key and the response is different from the usual response or the response you anticipated, the key contact may be damaged. Run the Keyboard Interactive Test.

When a key does not work at all, run all of the subtests in the Keyboard test group. Why Run the Mouse Test? Touch pad or mouse problems are as likely to be caused in RAM latitude cp m233xt they are to be caused by a faulty touch pad or mouse.

Latitude CP

Three sources of problems include the configuration of a program which changes the function of the touch pad or mousememory-resident programs like Sidekick or ProKey, and failure of a device driver the software that controls the functions of a touch pad or mouse. If the response, when you press a touch pad or mouse button, is different from the latitude cp m233xt response or the response you anticipated, the button contact may be damaged. A touch pad or mouse button latitude cp m233xt not work at all. The cursor does not respond on the screen in accordance with the movements you make with the touch pad or external mouse.


Subtests There are no subtests for the Mouse test. Diskette Latitude cp m233xt Test Group The subtests in the Diskette Drives test group allow you to test diskette drives of all capacities. The subtests in the test group will fail if you do not have a diskette drive attached to the parallel connector.

Why Run a Diskette Drives Test? Very often, a diskette drive problem may first appear to be a diskette problem. A box of defective diskettes might produce faulty-drive error messages.

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The test results can be confusing, so you should run the subtests in the Diskette Drives test group more than latitude cp m233xt using diskettes from different sources. Another possible cause of diskette drive problems is human error - for example, typing a command in an incorrect form usually called a syntax error.

Technical Specifications - Dell Latitude CP CPi - Dell Repair Services

Be sure you have entered the command properly. Data on diskettes is corrupted or lost; these problems may latitude cp m233xt intermittent. The subtests check the storage capability of a drive as well as the hard-disk drive controller which affects the ability to read from and write to the drive.

If you check your hard-disk drive to determine the amount of available space, your operating system will probably report problem areas. The hard-disk drive keeps a record of this space so that the computer will not attempt to use it. Identification of unusable disk space, unless it is an unusually large amount over five percent of the possible totalshould not latitude cp m233xt regarded as a cause for testing the hard-disk drive. Seek errors are reported by the operating system or application programs.

Dell Latitude CP M233XT

An error message appears on the screen stating that the computer cannot read from or write to the hard-disk drive. Data on the hard-disk drive latitude cp m233xt corrupted or lost; these problems may be intermittent.

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Once saved by a program, files cannot be properly recalled. If you encounter a problem while using an application program on a CD, latitude cp m233xt problem could result from the disc or from the drive. When you encounter problems, first try using a different CD. To determine if the test passed, listen to the audio latitude cp m233xt of the drive. The subtests in this test group are not intended as a diagnostic test for the external device itself.By PCWorld Staff. PCWorld April 29, AM PT.

Dell laptop : Latitude CP MXT

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