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Every time you start a new session with Cartes du Ciel or any other software using the ASCOM driver you will need to do the two star alignment. The alignment is not saved between sessions because most people have portable telescopes and would need to do a new alignment each time anyway. Ascom intelliscope is increasingly common use of telescopes remotely, Ascom intelliscope would be very useful to keep in memory the physical position of the telescope using the platform of Dave. Does anyone know of any interface to do this?

Just found out that your DSC driver is now ascom intelliscope the Ascom site which I downloaded to get the latest version. If the magnetic ring is torn, contact Orion Customer Service.

ASCOM Driver for Digital Setting Circles « The Ek's Files

I wish to make some modifications to the bearings of my IntelliScope Dobsonian. Is this okay? Ascom intelliscope, modifications to the bearings are not recommended, as the IntelliScope system may be adversely affected. The spacings and tolerances of the parts are critical, and all modifications are made at the customer's own risk.

Ascom intelliscope Help Create Join Login. I believe the problem centers around manufacturers; A - not wanting to change software designed to work with the RS huge cost on their part and B - they most likely had thousands of these cables created and have a lot left to get rid of. Off soap box now If you have created a system restore point prior to installing a program, then you can use System Restore to restore your system and completely eradicate the unwanted programs like ASCOM Intelliscope Telescope Driver.


Powered by Reason Antivirus. Help Create Join Login. No, modifications to the bearings are not recommended, as the IntelliScope system may be adversely affected. The spacings and tolerances of the parts are critical, and all modifications are made at the customer's own risk. If ascom intelliscope telescope is properly assembled, there should be no need to modify the bearings. What is the pointing accuracy I should expect with the IntelliScope system? If properly assembled and aligned, the Object Locator will locate objects to better than 0. Versions Version Distribution 1. Red light will not spoil your dark-adapted night vision as readily as white light will. To find celestial objects with your telescope, you first need to become reasonably familiar with the night sky.

Orion SkyQuest XT8 IntelliScope su valdymo pulteliu

A simple planisphere, or star wheel, can be a valuable tool for learning the constellations and seeing which ones are visible in the sky on a given night. A good star chart or atlas, like the Orion DeepMapcan come in handy for helping locate interesting objects among the dizzying multitude of stars overhead. Except for the Moon and the brighter planets, it is pretty time-consuming and frustrating to hunt for objects randomly, without knowing where to look. It is best to have specific targets in mind before you begin looking through the eyepiece. Practice makes perfect. What is the best telescope for a beginner", the level of investment that you want to make, and ascom intelliscope ability to carry differing weights.

For viewing craters on the Moon, the rings of Saturn, and Jupiter with its four bright moons, a 60mm or 70mm refractor or ascom intelliscope 3-inch reflector telescope does a good job.

How To Connect Orion Intelliscope XT8i To SN7 (Wired & Wireless Options)

An 80mm to 90mm refractor or 4. Under dark, non-light-polluted skies, a big scope—8-inch diameter or more—will serve up magnificent images of fainter clusters, galaxies, and ascom intelliscope. The larger the telescope, ascom intelliscope more detail you will see.

Make sure you can comfortably lift and transport it, and that you have room indoors ascom intelliscope store it. Someone who is inexperienced with astronomy and night sky will spend their time pouring ascom intelliscope instruction manuals and text scrolling across a screen instead of exploring the night sky, studying the stars and their patterns and learning how to locate to binary stars and nebula. Our advise.

What causes dim or distorted images? Too much magnification Keep in mind that at higher powers, an image will always be dimmer and less sharp this is a fundamental law of optics. The steadiness of the air, the seeing, can also limit how much magnification an image can tolerate. If ascom intelliscope image you see is not crisp and steady, reduce the magnification by switching to ascom intelliscope longer focal length telescope eyepiece.ASCOM Standards for Astronomy Telescope Hub (POTH) with Dome control; Optical Guidance Systems research-grade telescopes; Orion Intelliscope series.


Google only comes up with a driver not supported since Anyone know if an Intelliscope driver exists which will work with ASCOM 6SP3?.

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