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In the factory the parts were snapped together I am not saying that it can't be done, but hells bells, what does a new mouse cost? Sep 9, 2 0 18, trackball explorer 1.0. I'm having a problem with my Microsoft Trackball Optical mouse. Number of Buttons see all.

Condition see all. NewOpen box 6, The other screws are hidden under the rubber pads on the bottom. Let me know if you find a good substitute for the bearing because mine are filed down from years of use. I realized that there's not much I can do with the trackball explorer 1.0.

And transplant a small patch to replace the bearing. Also, there's nothing else, not a single trackball trackball explorer 1.0 comes close - not enough buttons, trackball in the wrong place, etc etc. There must be a solution to the bearings problem - there just has to be. When the one of my office desk dies I'll be lost. I'll have to take time off to mourn and get ready for some RSI. You may be able to trackball explorer 1.0 your TBE s for less than the service.


I realize that there's a lot of info here, but it's actually easier than it sounds, but does require care, a fairly steady hand mine are a bit shaky, so it's not that badsome attention trackball explorer 1.0 detail and a bit of patience. Cables are positioned in ways to avoid screws and other parts of the housing. Costs include parts and tools except for the price of a dremel tooland will repair several TBEs.

Dremel tool is extra hopefully you already have one, or a trackball explorer 1.0 that will hold such small bits. This should cover worst case scenario, but if you're able to pop out the bearings without disassembly, trackball explorer 1.0 only need to purchase the bearings. On the model without ovals around the bearings, all the boards inside are screwed in place, so they're actually much easier to work with too bad they seem to be more rare to find.

In the models with ovals things are just set in place by tabs and slots, and it's easier to break mouning points, so be extra cautious when working with those. If there are oval recesses around the balls: Trackball explorer 1.0 bearings can usually be popped out with a sharp blade or tiny screwdriver if it's the type with the oval recess around the bearing be bareful not to scar up the plasticif not, follow instructions for the type without trackball explorer 1.0 ovals.

What is the best replacement for the Microsoft Trackball Explorer? - Quora

trackball explorer 1.0 About this product. The 2 buttons on the right are the ones that that need aligning, the others shouldn't have been disturbed, but it's a good idea to check them anyway. Screw everything together making sure you use the right screws a long screw where a short one was will make a bump in the plastic, which I learned the hard way, and I had to shave it down because it irritated my palm. trackball explorer 1.0

Replace the rubber pads there should still be enough adhesive to keep them in place, even after a few disassemblies. Enjoy your TBE!

Microsoft Trackball Explorer - Trackball Mouse Reviews

It will roll at least as good as new for a long time before needing new bearings I don't know how long, but from what I've seen, trackball explorer 1.0 may just last the life of the Trackball explorer 1.0 site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Skip to main content. Device downloads.


For software and drivers, select your product from the list below. Trackball Explorer. Manuals.

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