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It's the only total cooling solution available today. Experience resolutions up to four times higher than HD and see everything your opponent throws at you — without sacrificing a single detail. Xfx radeon 7850 to enable astonishing performance and breathtaking image quality, making it a top choice for gamers who expect the best.

XFX's Radeon HD and Black Edition graphics cards - The Tech Report

Be Social With eTeknix. About Us Advertise. All rights reserved. So ignore. Last edited: Aug 10, Aug 12, Messages: 5, Joined: Aug 17, Graphics Processor. Clock Speed.

AMD Radeon™ HD Core Edition - FXA-ZNFC

Max External Xfx radeon 7850. Output Ports for SD. If the card is put back to stock when you send it in, all is said to be good. Next Page. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Jun 6, 33 0 4, 0. Ci dont know my board will support it or not plz guide me before buying this card There is a reason AMD and Nvidia switched to blower style coolers instead of their original open style coolers. They just add another fan, a couple more heat pipes, and call it good. At least Zalman has an industrial artist of some kind working for them to make pretty heatsinks yes I said pretty. All else being equal recycling air inside the case is worse then blowing it out the back unless you have all your fans set to blow air out every orifice creating a negative pressure system.


The temp and noise difference is huge and vastly favours coolers that dump heat inside. And with my previous post i explained that the heat xfx radeon 7850 inside can be easily dealt with by modern cases with good airflow.

That being said, they usually increase the airflow, use better conductive materials, or use better fan designs. There are quite a few biases here xfx radeon 7850 apples to oranges. A good way to xfx radeon 7850 this would be to simply remove the shroud from the graphics card and see what happens with a fan on the heatsink. The case point is moot, you can put a box fan on the side of your case to generate adequate airflow. Why do you think liquid cooling is superior to normal blown air?

Why is it quieter? Why do you need less fans in your case? You shove hot air in a case you need to remove it with a certain amount of ventilation. The more hot air in the case, the more ventilation that is required to remove it. There are a lot of other elements that compromise a like comparison between a stock cooler and a third party cooler besides the exhaust method as I noted before. In order to make a apples to apples comparison you would have to have a video card with the same heatsink blow air into the case and then blow air out of the case. You would have to xfx radeon 7850 the same exact case and the same thermal paste. An example of which would be taking the shroud off of the stock heatsink, attaching a fan to it, xfx radeon 7850 covering the exhaust port compared to how the cooler functions normally.

Preferably you would xfx radeon 7850 to get a similar CFM fan as the stock cooler as well. Many HX manufacturers use multiple small, direct driven fans for large process or engine cooling, with large round tube flat fin radiators. Good deal super good price for this high end video card.The AMD Radeon™ HD Series is the upgrade gamers deserve.

Based on the award-winning GCN Architecture, these cards are engineered for supremacy. XFX HD Black Edition. FXA-CNBC.

XFX FX7850 HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

Graphics Processor: Pitcairn. Cores: TMUs: ROPs: Memory Size: 2 GB.


Memory Type: GDDR5.

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