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Hennes That is probably your best option. The high rate of vulnerabilities and partial lack of upstream support in the form of long term branches make it very difficult to support these browsers with backported security fixes. Additionally, library interdepencies make it impossible to update to newer upstream releases. As such, browsers built upon the qtwebkit debian squeeze nv khtml engines are included in Squeeze, but not covered by full security support. We will make an effort to track down and backport security fixes, but in general these browsers should not be used against untrusted websites. For general web browser use we recommend debian squeeze nv building on the Mozilla xulrunner engine Iceweasel and Iceapebrowsers based on the Webkit engine e.


Epiphany or Chromium. Fortunately, it seems that there are very few packages that would fall into this security neglection category; the only other notable exception being webkit [5]. I debian squeeze nv been working to improve that, but I simply don't have free time right now as I'm finishing my PhD dissertation.

Are numbers available for the CentOS 6 "continuous release" repository? Depth 8.

NVIDIA Proprietary Driver

Depth 4. If you are doing a distribution upgrade, you should at the very least remove all the nvidia packages from wheezy, get debian squeeze nv desktop working with nouveau, then reinstall the nvidia packages if there is a pressing reason. If you are using the 3. Such packages are most likely to cause problems during an upgrade as they may result in file conflicts [4]. A release can often be referred to both by its codename e.

Debian -- Debian “squeeze” Release Information

Debian squeeze nv to a release by its codename has the advantage that you will never be surprised by a new release and for this reason is the approach taken here. It does of course mean that you will have to watch out for release announcements yourself. If you use the status name instead, you will just see loads of updates for packages available as soon as a release has happened. When inspecting that mirror with a web browser or FTP program, you will notice that the main directories are organized like this:.

Debian “squeeze” Release Information

To use this mirror with aptyou add this line to your sources. To use this with aptadd this line to your sources.

debian squeeze nv Note that there must be no spaces between the words noauto,ro in the debian squeeze nv field. The recommended way to upgrade from previous Debian releases is to use the package management tool apt-get. In previous releases, aptitude was recommended for this purpose, but recent versions of apt-get provide equivalent functionality and also have shown to more consistently give the desired upgrade results. There should not be any sources entries pointing to squeeze. Then if a problem occurs, you will have a log of what happened, and if needed, can provide exact information in a bug report.

Xorg - Nouveau doesn't work after upgrade to Debian Wheezy - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

To start the recording, type:. If you have to rerun the typescript e.You will have to do a kernel upgrade when upgrading to wheezy, so a reboot will be This includes debian squeeze nv and xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd. Debian has been superseded by Debian (wheezy).


Some of these installation images may no longer be available, or may no longer work, and you are  Missing: NV.

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