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Simply earthing the metal front panel with a finger while recording was enough to sort the problem in my case, but Roland have also helpfully included a grounding terminal on the rear panel if you want to rig up a more permanent solution. There are two ways to sample on the SP using the Sampling button directly, or working via the Loop Capture facilities. The roland sp 555 Sampling option is only really suited to capturing samples prior to building a track, as you can't record alongside the playback from other pads or even the built-in metronome which will only give you a count-in. You just select whether you want mono or stereo and Hi-fi or Lo-fi sampling, and then start recording: you can either trigger the sampling manually or set up automatic triggering for when the signal exceeds an adjustable level threshold.

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The pads transmit and receive 80 different note numbers across your choice of two adjacent MIDI channels. Loop Capture does almost everything that basic sampling does, without polyphony restrictions and in a much more useful way — the only slight limitation is that Loop Capture can only sample for 15 seconds in one go. Hit the Rec button in the Loop Capture area at any moment and the SP will start recording, assuming by default that you want a stereo recording of everything you can hear except the metronome : mic roland sp 555 line inputs, sample playback and sounds from the D-Beam's synth option. If you want to add something else to the loop, hit Rec again to overdub on top of it careful, though, because there's no Undoor alternatively just delete it and record something else.

All dead easy, and very quick — I particularly like the way you can record first and then decide on pad locations and sample formats later. My only real criticism is that it would have been nice to be able to transfer pad samples back into the Loop Capture memory for further overdubbing. This would also have enabled you to keep retrying an overdub roland sp 555 it was right.


At the moment, if you overdub something wrong you have to re-start the Loop Capture process for another shot at it. The Measure button lets you automatically restrict roland sp 555 Loop Capture sample length to one, two or four bars, and Auto Start provides level-triggered sampling.

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This update improves Compact Flash card compatibility. If you have a MIDI interface connected to your computer, the following applications can be used:. Click [ More info ] 2.

As with live recording and the playback of loops, I find the Repeater to be more suitable for intuitive operations, especially when working with several layers. High pass filter HPF : passes the frequency region above the cut-off. roland sp 555

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Band pass filter BPF : passes roland sp 555 frequency region around the cut-off. The SP has its own propriety recording format so files need to be dropped on to the flashcard, and then imported into the machine.

Roland SP-555 Creative Sampler

Sample editing and pattern sequencing are both on the basic tip. Editing is limited to changing the start and end points by ear, and sequencing is all done live with the option to quantise roland sp 555 either straight or with varying degrees of shuffle.


Straight-up sampling is all well and good, but mashing sounds up with effects is where it really gets interesting. Login Register. Create Your Own.

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Roland SP-555 Creative Sampling Workstation with Performance Effects

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On each, the audio output level from the SP was very low — about 14 percent of maximum. Instead of enabling the direct USB transfer of samples, Roland makes you turn off the SP, pop out the CompactFlash card, plug it into a card reader, fire up Wave Converter, and then transfer samples one by one with a Browse dialog box. You can't roland sp 555 groups of files onto the window and have them populate empty slots, which makes importing drum kits a hassle. But I would have liked having that option, or at least a more polished card-transfer roland sp 555 newest member of the SP-sampler family breaks ground with innovative features such as Loop Capture, and Super Filter.

The SP is fast and powerful. Roland SP Ever since the SP, the Roland/Boss SP range of workstations have been increasing the fun-factor of sampling by combining it with madcap.

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