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Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

Upgrade to JVM 1. Fetching latest commit…. Configure the Java environment. Follow the procedures described in "Setting the environment for Java development". Compile and execute the TimesTen Java demos. Follow the procedures described in "About the TimesTen Java demos". The following topics are timesten jdbc Package imports Support for interfaces in the java.

timesten jdbc Note: It is recommended that you use Java 6 with TimesTen. Sup port for interfaces in the java. Cal lableStatement You must pass parameters to CallableStatement by position, not by name.

You cannot use SQL escape syntax. Cl ob The position method, which returns the position where timesten jdbc specified character pattern or CLOB pattern begins, is not supported.

Con nection There is no support for savepoints. Data baseMetaData There are no restrictions.

NC lob NClob support applies only for Java 6 ttjdbc6. You timesten jdbc have multiple open ResultSet objects per statement. There is no support for scrollable or updatable result sets.

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See "Working with TimesTen result sets: hints and restrictions". The getScale timesten jdbc returns for undefined scale. Row Id RowId support applies only for Java 6 ttjdbc6. Stat ement There are no restrictions.


Sup port for classes in the java. Sup port for interfaces and classes in the javax. Times TenConnection Connection Provides capabilities such as prefetching rows to improve performance, listening to events for automatic client failover, timesten jdbc the track number for parallel replication schemes where you specify replication tracks, and checking database validity. TimesTen Statement Statement Provides capabilities for specifying a query threshold. Ad ditional TimesTen classes and timesten jdbc In addition to implementations discussed previously, TimesTen provides the following classes and interfaces in the com.

Serialized Form (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

Timesten jdbc TimesTen database con nections The type of DSN you create depends on whether your application connects directly to the database or connects by a client. This following topics are covered here: Create a connection URL for the database and specify connection attributes Connect to the database Disconnect from the database Open and close a direct connection Access control for timesten jdbc Note: Lo ading the TimesTen driver Java 5. TimesTenDriver com. To identify and load the TimesTen direct driver, for example: Class. TimesTenDriver".

TimesTenDataSource; import java. Discon nect from the database When you are finished accessing the database, call the Connection method close to close the connection to the database.After you have successfully executed the TimesTen Java demos, your development environment is set up correctly and ready for you to create applications that. This page provides timesten jdbc set of sample programs using JDBC to access the Oracle TimesTen in-memory database. See the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.

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