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CDL Medical Card – High Blood Pressure

The single most important thing you need to do is as much physical activity as you can during the day. I blood pressure for cdl, easier said than done, and the only person who can help keep you healthy is you. So make some type of simple plan that you can adhere to.

Good Luck. Went today and got another 1 year. But nice to know i can get a 2 year still.


She asked to bring the machine in next time. Maybe next time i will just go else where.

Knowing a 2 year is within reach. Thank you for your reply.

Great board. BP was too high so was denied and told to see his Dr. Driver had blood pressure for cdl on new BP meds since this. Today he goes back to Little Clinic and Dr. Anyone else had this issue or know if this is a true statement from the Dr.?

How to Lower Blood Pressure for your DOT Physical

FMCSA recommends that a driver be on medications for at least 30 days to make sure that they will not have any side effects and has the blood pressure under control. Not sure why one you would get a one time three month card and then try to cancel it before he gets out of the parking lot. So unless the doctor cancelled the three month card off the NRCME registry, then he may still have blood pressure for cdl valid medical card.

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wli-uc-g300n-v1Healthy Truckers: A Look at Blood Pressure

Check with your local drivers license department to confirm or deny the existence of the medical certificate. If the card blood pressure for cdl been cancelled, then you should be in a thirty days waiting period from the original beginning date of the medications. Had my treadmill stress test.


Can I still get certified? Cliff If your cardiologist feels comfortable with the final results and will sign off on a medical release formblood pressure for cdl you should be OK on this issue. So have a copy of your medical release form and a copy of your latest stress in hand when you go for the DOT examination and you should be in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions – DOT Physical Blood Pressure Requirements

A driver with a diagnosis of hypertension on treatment should have at least an annual blood pressure for cdl. Because i know for a fact that they are not, Does consentras medical examiners make up their own blood pressure for cdl because i thought they had to abide by FMCSA guidelines. John You are not going to get into any trouble, just tell the truth and have a medical release form from your prescribing doctor and you should be OK. Some time ago I was prescribed BP medicine.

Wanting to get off the medicine I started an exercise program and a plant based diet. For instance with my workout routine I started a new supplement in the morning and that afternoon my BP blood pressure for cdl about 20 points higher on both numbers. Which I believe is why it went up the first time, I used to drink several red bulls, and Monster energy drinks a day.High Blood Pressure: How Does This Affect Your DOT Medical Card?

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One of the most frequent concerns we hear from commercial drivers regarding the DOT physical exam, is about high blood pressure. A DOT physical exam should be done annually thereafter and should be at or less than Drivers with hypertension (high blood pressure) are NOT automatically disqualified from driving. Recent changes to blood pressure for cdl FMCSA blood pressure.

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